Christopher J. Power

Founder of The Excalibur Institute, Christopher facilitates The Empower Yourself, and The Power Cauldron programs.

These experiential programs are customized to take you and your people to your next level of competence, creativity and productivity.
As a decision maker, especially in your life, you know how difficult it can be to get your energy and timing right.
I solve this dilemma in a way that is truly elegant, effective and personalized.

I show people, teams and companies the practical applications and true benefits of working with each person’s unique gifts and design.
You discover how to make decisions and live your life elegantly, yet in down to earth ways, that bring your best to the table. 


Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
4 - Ultimate Guide for Cancer - ebook 06/24/2022
1 - Ultimate Guide for Aries - ebook 06/24/2022
Dawn of the Darkness - ebook 06/24/2022
2 - Ultimate Guide for Taurus - ebook 06/24/2022
3 - Ultimate Guide for Gemini - ebook 06/24/2022
5 - Ultimate Guide for Leo - ebook 06/24/2022
6 - Ultimate Guide for Virgo - ebook 06/24/2022
7 - Ultimate Guide for Libra - ebook 06/24/2022
8 - Ultimate Guide for Scorpio - ebook 06/24/2022
9 - Ultimate Guide for Sagittarius - ebook 06/24/2022
a10 - Ultimate Guide for Capricorn - ebook 06/24/2022
a11 - Ultimate Guide for Aquarius - ebook 06/24/2022
a12 - Ultimate Guide for Pisces - ebook 06/24/2022