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How to Longe a Horse Correctly

This video brought to you by Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) will show how to safely and effectively longe a horse.

Correct Riding Position

This safety tip brought to you by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) shows correct riding position at the walk and halt and the transition from walk to halt and halt to walk.…

Therapeutic Riding I and II ($73.95)

Divided into separate volumes, the first deals with issues of primary interest to instructors, administrators, volunteers, and horse trainers. Volume two presents topics relating to the use…

Longeing the Rider for the Perfect Seat ($30.95)

This book is written by Linda Benedik author of Yoga for Equestrians. It is a great reference for all riding instructors regardless of discipline.

What to Look For In A First Reiner

Tom McCutcheon discusses what should be considered when purchasing a reiner for the first time.

Introducing Your Horse to a Fly Mask

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) presents How to Introduce Your Horse to a Fly Mask with Ashleigh Hamill

Paperwork for Horse Shows

Emily Moylan of TMRH shows us how she organizes the paperbook for horse shows and what you’ll need.

101 Drill Team Exercises ($29.95)

Learn an exercise, and then simply hang the book from a post and refer to the instructions from the saddle — clearly drawn arena diagrams guide you through every step. Riders of every skill…

How to Start Backing Up – Part Two: Using Your Legs

Tom instructs how to start backing up a horse by using your legs.

Risk Management in a Horsemanship Program Webinar ($40/$20)

Become better prepareed to recognize and handle risk management in a Horsemanship program

Tom McCutcheon – Butt Chapped

With all the riding Tom McCutcheon does, how does he keep from getting his butt chapped? Tom answers this in the latest “Ask Tom Anything” video.

Tom McCutcheon – How Did You Choose This Career

How did Tom McCutcheon decide to be a trainer? Was there one special horse that made him want to train? Check out Tom’s latest video to find out the answers!

Intro into Lope Departures – Tom McCutcheon

Tom explains the simple cues and set-up for the lope departure. He explains how and why keeping it simple is key to a successful lope departure.

Mouth Control – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about the importance of controlling your horse’s face and maintaining mouth control.

Fashion Faux Pas – Brianna Sloan

Brianna recounts a few of the Faux Pas she has seen in the show pen.

Versatility Ranch Horse – Mozaun McKibben

Moazun talks about the Versatility Ranch Horse and what he looks for in a horse to be able to compete and be successful in this discipline. Mozaun also talks about how he gets his horses…

Horses and Hormones: What Mares Have Taught Us About Menopause Webinar ($40/$20)

Learn What Mares Have Taught Us About Menopause with Teresa Knight - Chief Medical Officer for Women's Health Specialists of Saint Louis

How to Maintain Collection – Brian Bell

Have you ever wondered how the trainers teach their horses to maintain collection? Brian Bell shows us some steps he does to help his horses maintain collection in this latest Virtual Horse…

Abby Mixon – Collection During Rundowns

Abby Mixon talks and demonstrates how she keeps her horses collected during the rundowns in our first training video with Abby. Check it out!

Grooming a Horse Safely - Sponsored by Hands On Gloves 

How to Groom a Horse Safely by Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA), sponsored by Hands On Gloves.

How To Draw a 3D Sphere

For full details, please link to the class description.

Body Position – Teddy Johnson

Teddy speaks about his body position while he is working a horse and where you should sit in your saddle.

Keeping a Horse Quiet While in the Middle of the Pen – Dell Hendricks

Dell answers Barbara’s question on what to do to keep her horse quiet in the middle of the pen and before she is about to spin.

Desensitizing Your Horse the Mounted Police Way & Reducing Stress During Handling DVD ($45/$34)

Desensitizing Your Horses to New Stimuli the Mounted Police Way: Using the herd environment to build horses’ confidence, calmness, and collection, this practical method for desensitize…

How to Properly Hold and Throw a Rope – Mozaun McKibben

Mozaun goes over how to hold and throw a rope while you are on your horse.

Improve Backing Up – Daniel Schloemer

A little further from the basics, Daniel shows you how to improve upon backing up your horse.

Part 2 Training Your Horse to Spin – Tom McCutcheon

Tom follows up Lesson 1 with details on how to further get your horse started on spinning.

Arena Screens – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about the screens that he puts down during winter to keep his arena warmer, and to keep the wind down.

Franco Bertolani – How to Make a Horse Smoother in the Show Pen

NRHA Million Dollar Rider, Franco Bertolani, talks with us about how to make a horse smoother in the show pen. Check out Franco’s video!

Chords for Carl piano solo - Video One

For full details, please link to the class description.

Why is My Horse Rearing with Warwick Schiller

This horse training video is applicable to riders of all disciplines but should be of particular interest to those experiencing issues with horses rearing.

Colt Starting Series with Sarah Dawson

Sarah Dawson is a well known colt starter and competed in The Road to the Horse. Sarah talks about how she starts to work a colt, along with teaching the horse to move its hindquarters to be…

R is for Rehab

Mandy McCutcheon and Emily Moylan give us a behind-the-scenes look at Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses, which is home to the Equine Spa and Rehabilitation Center, a state-of-the-art rehab…

How to Catch Your Horse in a Paddock with Other Horses

This is a safety video from Certified Horsemanship Association ( about how to safely catch a horse in a paddock, field or pasture when there are other horses around.

Reining Basics & Using Reining Horses to Teach DVD ($45/$34)

Reining Basics for Riders of All Levels: See exercises in which all levels of riders can participate to develop fundamental reining skills. Features tips for improving rider performance as…


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