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Individual Level Manuals - LEVEL 3 ($24.95/$14.95)

Level 3 - Horse behavior, equipment, bits and bitting, horse care, breeds, rein aids, natural aids, improving the canter/lope, bareback, leads, transitions, school figures, turn backs, jumping.

Front Leg Protection – Tom McCutcheon

Tom explains the importance of protecting your horses front legs and what products he uses.

Different Rein Holds

This video will demonstrate different horseback riding rein holds. Each is used based on the experience of the horse, the experience of the rider, bit, discipline and goals. The different…

Colt Starting Part 3 – Sarah Dawson

Sarah talks about how she gets on her horses for the first time. Always keep everything organized, such as your lead rope when you are ready to get on so you do not have anything go wrong…

Jason Vanlandingham Talks About His Program for Teaching Lead Changes

We caught up with Jason Vanlandingham at his place in Texas for a set of training videos. Jason talks about and shows how he teaches lead changes in this video.

Fitting the Breast Collar and Back Cinch Correctly

This safety tip brought to you by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) shows how to correctly fit a breast collar and back cinch on your horse.

Partnership with Your Horse – Mark Lyon

Mark talks about the partnership of a horse and rider, and using a horses and persons ability together to achieve greater results.

Consistent Stops – Dell Hendricks

Dell answers Michelle’s question about how to be more consistent while stopping.

Choosing a Stud – Barb Wibbles

Barb gives great information and how to properly go about finding a stud.

Teaching a Horse to Sidepass

Tom McCutcheon demonstrates how to teach a horse side passing

Hand Carved Wax Dome Ring

For full details, please link to the class description.

Part 1 Training Your Horse to Spin – Tom McCutcheon

Tom goes through the basics to start teaching your horse to spin.

Skid Boots – Tom McCutcheon

Tom talks about using skid boots during your ride.

Should I Tie Up My Horse

Tom talks about how it is perfectly okay to tie-up your horse and when is not a good time to do it.

Western Stops & Western Horsemanship Exercises DVD ($45/$34)

Western Stops: While encompassing various learning styles, this session goes through the steps for obtaining good stops by using aids effectively to achieve them.

Getting on a Horse – Part Two

Miranda Lyon goes through step-by-step how she gets on one of her mustangs for the first time.

When to Use and How to Tie Bowline Knots

This Certified Horsemanship Association ( safety short is about how to do bowline knots with horses while camping overnight.

Best Lectures on Surgery for Medical Students

For full details, please link to the class description.

Controlling the Horse with Your Reins – Teddy Johnson

Teddy shows your how he gets a better control of his horse, and how to get your horse to do a reverse arch with your indirect rein.

Path To Leadership Mastery : The Confidence Quotient

For full details, please link to the class description.

Recipient Mare and Foal – Barb Wibbles

Barb talks about a recipient mare and its recent foal, and the complications she faced with its birth.

Difference Between Frozen and Cooled Semen – Barb Wibbles

Barb goes over the differences between cooled and frozen semen, and what the benefits are to both processes. Keeping frozen semen as long as it stays frozen it should not affect the quality…

Sample 15 minute lesson First Trot #1

This is a sample of what is needed when you teach a lesson at a CHA Certification Clinic. It includes the idea of other participants role playing for you as students, how to fast forward to…

How to Use a Mounting Block Safely and an Alternate

This video will show how to safely get on a horse with a mounting block. It also demonstrates a unique way of helping riders get a "leg up" onto a horse. This method can be done with a large…

How to Start Backing Up – Part Two: Using Your Legs

Tom instructs how to start backing up a horse by using your legs.

Pack and Trail Essentials DVD ($45/$34)

Knots & Highlines: various, useful horseman knots are discussed, demonstrated, and practiced along with a hands-on highline construction including safety aspects and low environmental impact.

Stirrup Adjustment – Barbara Williams

Barbara shows you how to adjust your stirrups to the proper length.

Measures you can take to prevent fires or lessen their impact.

If you ask a group of horse owners what safety issues scare them the most, a large number will tell you it’s the threat of a barn fire. There is nothing more devastating than losing horses…

Sample 15 minute lesson First Trot #3

This is a sample first trot lessons for beginner horseback riding students demonstrating the 15 minute lesson format used by participants during a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)…

Private Lessons with Julie Goodnight ($24.95)

Improve your riding at home for less than the cost of a riding lesson. This is an instructional audio set, available in cassettes or CDs including two lessons to listen to at home or in the…

How To Draw a 3D Sphere

For full details, please link to the class description.

CHA Composite Horsemanship Manual ($69.95/$32.95)

Written by 30 professional horsemanship instructors from the United States and Canada. This four level manual contains a complete program for all levels of riders, wiht many illustrations by…

Exercises for Horses That Suck Back in Their Spin – Pete Kyle

Pete goes over what to do when a horse sucks back in their spins.

When to Put Sliders on Your Horse and Stopping Cues – Ruben Vandorp

Ruben speaks about when he starts putting sliding shoes on a young horse. He also goes over the three cues that he uses to train his horses to stop.

Casey Deary – Teaching the Stop and Deaf Horse Tip 1

Casey Deary talks and shows us his first steps in teaching the stop and how he trains deaf horses. Check out Casey’s video!

Hat Maintenance – Bobbie Gough

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