Guidelines for Trust and Safety Policy

Ensuring Trust and Safety at GlobalSparks 

Each day, a substantial amount of content is consumed on the GlobalSparks platform. This consumption is made possible through the dedication of instructors who are passionate about teaching, as well as students who are committed to learning. The very foundation of GlobalSparks revolves around fundamental values that emphasize the exchange of knowledge. Our mission is to empower experts from diverse walks of life to deliver an exceptional learning experience to a global community of eager students.

It rests upon every individual within the GlobalSparks community — be it instructors, students, or the GlobalSparks team — to embody these values. When we collectively uphold these values, we contribute to the creation of a thriving, sustainable marketplace where individuals can genuinely explore any subject online while enjoying the process.

Who Comprises Our Community?

  • Students: Our community of students seeks an immersive learning journey, granting them access to a vast array of subjects presented by real-world experts who are specialists in their respective fields.
  • Instructors: Our instructors are an inspiring group who possess a genuine passion for teaching. They chose GlobalSparks to leverage the opportunity to impact millions of students globally, while benefiting from the tools, platform, and guidance that facilitate the creation of top-notch courses.

The Fundamental Guidelines:

Avoid Spamming

Students join GlobalSparks to experience safe and engaging learning environments, while instructors are driven by their passion for sharing knowledge. Once instructors are part of the GlobalSparks platform, it is essential to refrain from promoting other products, inundating others with unsolicited requests or offers, and indulging in spam.

Maintain Integrity, Avoid Exploiting the System

For Instructors: It's crucial not to divert GlobalSparks students away from the platform, push the boundaries of acceptable conduct, or seek out policy loopholes. Our aim is to cultivate a student community that thrives, which is beneficial for every instructor. Manipulating the system hinders the collective potential for engagement among students who genuinely desire to learn.

For Students: Avoid soliciting instructors, requesting free coupons, or attempting to trade reviews for favors. A robust interaction between students and instructors, alongside honest student feedback, forms the backbone of our community. This aids students in identifying the right courses for their needs.

Uphold Professionalism

Instructors actively engage in collaboration and communication, while students and instructors participate in constructive discussions throughout the course experience. We expect everyone to maintain a professional, transparent, and considerate manner when interacting with students, fellow instructors, and GlobalSparks personnel. Our commitment to providing a harassment-free platform remains unwavering.

Contribute positively to the GlobalSparks community. Refrain from soliciting personal information, initiating unsolicited off-platform contact, or presenting unoriginal content as your own.

Report Concerns

If you encounter any instances that seem to violate our policies or feel uncertain about a certain aspect, we encourage you to report it directly or contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Every report will be reviewed by our team, ensuring compliance with our policies.

We are here to assist you in comprehending our policies and achieving success within the GlobalSparks environment.