A Special Live Event

Groundbreaking collaboration between Malaysia and India!


December 12th and 13th, 2023




IASS LIVE Series 🚀Accelerating Start-up Success

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IASS Pitch Competition - Meet & Celebrate the winners
IASS Pitch Competition - Session 2
IASS Pitch Competition - Session 1
IASS LIVE Series-Special Edition- Where are the investors - Zad, EthisX
IASS LIVE Series Episode#12: Overcoming Women Business Growth Challenges, with Dr. Nisha Abu Bakar & Debbie Pozzobon
IASS LIVE Series Episode#14: Web3 Technology for Biz World, with Dilip Chenoy
IASS Special Edition - What a VC wants from Founders? with Kevin Brockland
Special Edition - Creating a Successful Pitch, with Laura Frank Barnard
Special Edition: Pillars & Pitfalls of Your Biz Acceleration with Rubaneswaran S T
Episode #13: Resources & Support for Your Capital Growth in Asia
Episode #12: How to Raise Funding for Your Startup
Episode #11 : Investing in Growing Economies
Episode #10: Potentials of Startup - SME Partnerships
Episode #09: Fundamentals to Business Expansion
Episode #08: SMEs' opportunities in the Startup world
Episode #07: Business Fundraising Secrets
Episode #06: Technology for Biz - VR, Metaverse & Blockchain
Episode #05: Lead Generation and Global Expansion
Episode #04: Investors for Startup Ecosystems
Episode #03: Growing Your Business in ASIA
Episode #02: Malaysia - A Land of Opportunities
Episode #01: Launch of IASS Series
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Join us for this special event:  India Asean Startup Summit 2023 - IASS 12-13 December, 2023