1. Social media

GlobalSparks promotes a lot through different social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others. In addition, we have an inhouse service that can create and promote individual courses, events or any content for a very low cost.

2. Cross-marketing

We grant the rights and encourage all content creators to market each other on the platform as well as in social media and other marketing channels..

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All content is created in ways to be SEO-friendly and to stimulate organic traffic.

4. Special promotions on platform

GlobalSparks regularly conducts special promotions through the platform. Additional promotions can be initiated for special needs, occasions, and markets.

5. Landing page generation

GlobalSparks has its own state-of-the-art landing page creation platform: 

6. Calendar of events on homepage

Our homepage features a calendar of events made available to all members. Whether your content is a course, training, event, either live or recorded, setting up a launch date, update, or other news related to your content can be featured in that calendar for all visitors to see.

7. Optional own channel, academy, or other platform

For some content providers, having their own channel, academy or platform could be a productive and financially rewarding option to consider. Hosted on but with the look and feel of the content provider, thus no need to "reinvent" the wheel in that regard.

8. Inclusion in weekly and/or daily email to database

Regular emails are sent to our whole database to promote upcoming events, new content, updated courses, etc.

9. Affiliate program

Every registered user is welcome to use our Affiliate system to help promote the platform, or specific content. Content providers can create their own promotion force using a one-link system.

10. Short link system

All members are invited to use GlobalSparks' proprietary short-link system called Zippi Link, at no cost. The default urls for large platforms such as GlobalSparks can now be customized in a short, appealing link easily marketable. Try it at

11. Non-exclusivity

We encourage the use of multiple promotional channels and revenue-generating sources. For many, GlobalSparks is their main (and at times only) exposure to the rest of the world, while for others it is being used in parallel with other marketing channels.

12. We listen

One element that makes GlobalSparks special is that we listen to our members. We welcome your marketing ideas and will work with you on your promotional needs. 



If there are any question(s) regarding your promotional needs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it....