Sales tax, also known as Consumption tax, GST, PST, VAT or other term depending on the country, is not always clearly defined.

GlobalSparks does not handle, charge or collect tax for its users, and shall not be held responsible for such.

What it means for:

  • User and student: the general rule is that the price of a course, training, event or product does include the applicable sales tax.
  • Service provider and trainer: set your price so that it includes the right tax percentage to cover your potential responsibility and liability regarding the payment of those taxes to the proper authorities under which you come under.


Certain processing fees may be involved in the purchase of course, event or product on the GlobalSparks platform, such as to cover the fees charged by a payment processor (Paypal, Stripe, etc.).

Unless otherwise specified, the processing fee for payment processing is set at 3%.

What it means for:

  • User and student: your may find the total price you are being charged different than the listed price. That means the processing fee was added.
  • Service provider and trainer: unless you want to absorb that fee as a cost for doing business, set your price so that it includes the payment processing fee and any other fee applicable to you.


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