Dr.h.c.Azeeza Jalaludeen

Dr. h.c.Azeeza Jalaludeen is:
Founder of Our SHINE GoGLOBAL Ltd, Singapore and its group of companies, including GoGLOBAL Business School.
* Alumni & Ambassador of “Miracles of Capital Network” and Excellerated Business Schools®, Money & You® (1978)
* Honorary Doctorate in Global Entrepreneurship Eco-system, Specialisation in Business Networking, from Indian Virtual University for Peace & Education, Registered with United Nations, Geneva.
* Director of Asia Operations, International Federation of Professional Trainers (IFPT)

Dr. Azeeza specialises in global business alignment, global connections, and has access to many funding platforms and strategies for businesses. While her parents originated from Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, the Singapore-born and bred is Chinese-educated. She is effectively multilingual in Mandarin, Tamil, Malay and English.

Weathering various relationships, financial and health challenges, she realised the importance of personal alignment in both mission and business.

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Know Thyself Online Full Series of 12 events 03/23/2020
GoGLOBAL as a TrainOpreneur 03/30/2020
DCM Series #7: Business Model Innovation - Creative Thinking 03/23/2020
DCM Online Full Series of 12 events 03/23/2020
TrainOpreneur Online Full Series of 12 events 03/23/2020
I AM 05/04/2020
MIRACLE GAME - Gamified Ebook 05/05/2020
I AM - Game 05/04/2020
MIRACLE GAME: the Gamified Ebook 05/05/2020
DCM Series #11: Business Acceleration - Keys for SMEs growth 03/23/2020
Know Thyself Series #12: Why Generational Wealth is Your Social Responsibility? 03/23/2020
TrainOpreneur Series #12: TrainOpreneurs™ - How to Make A Global Impact? 03/23/2020
MIRACLE TIME - LIVE 05/05/2020
Chai with Global Leaders in Asia 03/30/2020
Business and Relationship Alignment Coaching with Dr. h.c. Azeeza Jalaludeen 08/18/2020
Transformation Industry Report 10/23/2020
5-Day Challenge the Challenge 08/30/2021
9-Day Tamil Challenge the Challenge - Oct 2021 08/30/2021
9-Day Tamil Challenge the Challenge - Nov 2021 08/30/2021
Conscious Leadership Program (CLP) 01/19/2022
CLP GoGLOBAL Acceleration Program 08/30/2021
GoGLOBAL Acceleration Program 08/30/2021
5-Day Sakti's Dewi Challenge 08/30/2021
5-Day Vision Challenge 08/30/2021
3-Day Go Global Challenge 08/30/2021
GoGLOBAL Acceleration Program 2023 08/30/2021
GoGLOBAL Acceleration Program 2024 (Batch 1) 01/08/2024
GoGLOBAL Acceleration Program Apr-May 2024 01/08/2024