Membership for the GoGLOBAL Acceleration Program

GoGLOBAL Acceleration Program

This is an exclusive Program with membership for Business owners and Entrepreneurs wanting to accelerate their exposure to the world through the GoGLOBAL Business Acceleration Program.
All applicants must go through an approval process as defined by and approved by GoGLOBAL Business School™ and GlobalSparks.

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By joining this program, you automatically become part of the GlobalSparks Academy.

Being a Conscious Leader member of the GoGLOBAL Business School™ on GlobalSparks' faculty offers many advantages seldom available elsewhere:

  • Renewable 6-month Membership
  • Outstanding revenue-share model
  • Lifetime GlobalSparks Silver and GoGLOBAL Memberships
  • You become part of one of the largest educational platform in the world
  • Easy-to-use front-end
  • Edit course(s) at will
  • Statistics on your course(s) and students
  • Automatic payment system
  • Cross-marketing throughout the platform
  • Affiliate program available, covering all fee-based courses on the GlobalSparks channel
  • And more...   


Regular membership fee: SGD5,000/6mo.

SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME OFFER: 50% OFF = SGD2,500 for six months

If you are facing a financial issue, a payment installment option is available to eliminate that issue: CLICK HERE >>




Setup Fee: SGD100
Duration: 6 Months
Price: SGD2,500