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Here are some of the 400+ free classes related to non-profit entities


Focusing on Your Priorities

This 15-minute online course is designed for anyone seeking to learn how differentiate between two key dimensions of priority-setting: urgency and importance.

Sharing Company Information on Social Media

Sharing Company Information on Social Media. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

Excel 2010 - Getting Started

In this 1-hour online course you will learn the basics of Excel 2010, including opening the application, creating new spreadsheets, entering data and, AutoFill features. It also provides an…

Performance Feedback and Coaching

In this 53 minute curriculum you will learn strategies to provide coaching and feedback to your employees to increase their effectiveness and job satisfaction.

Using E-mail and Instant Messaging Effectively

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn the tried-and-true guidelines for effectively using e-mail and instant messaging so your message is communicated quickly, concisely, and appropriately.

Becoming a Leader: Leading Your Own Development

This 54 minute recorded webinar is designed for nonprofit professionals seeking to take great ownership of their leadership development.

PowerPoint 2016 - Modifying and Formatting Slides

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to set up a basic presentation, ordering a sequence of slides and applying a presentation theme and slide layout. You'll also learn how to add…

Introduction to Fundraising Planning

This 15 minute video is designed for anyone responsible for their organization's fundraising planning efforts. It covers the basic steps for creating your fundraising plan.

How to Measure Your Audience With YouTube Analytics

This 5 minute video is designed for anyone responsible for administering and promoting their nonprofit's presence on YouTube.

Project 2010 - Introduction to Project Management

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn project management fundamentals, including the stages of a project lifecycle, the basic project management processes, and how Microsoft Project…

Password Habits That Protect You

Password Habits That Protect You. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

The Project Framework - Part A

This 15-minute online course is designed for anyone responsible for managing projects and/or programs.

Excel 2013 - Advanced Formulas and Functions

In this 1-hour online course you will learn Excel 2013 functions in the Date and time, Logical, and Lookup and reference categories that enable you to quickly complete tasks and analyze data.…

Shelter Fundamentals

This 2.5-hour online course will prepare participants to assist in the opening, organizing, operating, and closing of a Red Cross shelter. This course is designed for those individuals…

The Role of Nonprofit Board Members in Revenue Generation

This 45 minute online course is designed for new and veteran board members seeking to develop or refine their understanding of their role in supporting their nonprofit's revenue generation.

Unlocking Google Ad Grants

This curriculum is best-suited for those who work on marketing, fundraising, and volunteerism efforts.

Tom Wujec: Build a Tower, Build a Team

This 7-minute video is designed for anyone interested in design and technology to help teamwork and collaboration. Tom Wujec studies how we share and absorb information. He's an innovative…

Quick Guide to Online Fundraising

This 5 minute video is designed for fundraising-focused nonprofit professionals.

Preventing Burnout

In this 6-page document Dr. Laurie Anne Pearlman offers strategies for both individuals and organizations on how to help resist burnout. This material is useful for humanitarian aid and…

8 Ways to Become a Tweetstar

In this five minute video you will learn eight simple ways to leverage the power of Twitter for promoting your organization's cause and growing your visibility to new audiences. This video is…

Gender Equality, UN Coherence and You

This course is composed of ten sections: 1. Introduction, 2.Language of Gender Equality, 3.Women’s and Girl’s Rights, International Commitments and Culture, 4.Gender Mainstreaming in the…

Ammonia Awareness 117-04

This 50-minute online course will teach you to recognize the health risks associated with working around ammonia. You will also be able to identify steps to protect yourself during general…

Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing Your Time

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn how to better manage your time by analyzing your goals, breaking those goals into tasks, and then prioritizing those tasks.

What Does Private Browsing Really Mean

What Does Private Browsing Really Mean. Tagged as: Compliance, Security

WebTalks - Skilled Volunteerism: Doing More Without a Budget

In this 30-minute Webtalk, Kristin Teti from the Taproot Foundation discusses the importance of skilled volunteerism to nonprofit work and provides strategies for structuring a successful pro…

Google Ad Words 101

In this 25 minute video, you will learn the basics of the Google Ad Words program, and how Google Ad Grants for nonprofits can help your organization gain visiblitiy and drive fundraising…

Online Outreach Tools Guide

Trying to decide if you should invest time and resources into tweeting or blogging? Have you heard the terms but are not sure what they mean or how they fit into your work? This can be…

Summarising (Business English Series)

This 8-minute micro-learning online course on summarizing a meeting contains a 2 minute video, quiz, summary document and additional short audio clips. If you are leading a meeting, it is…

Executive Directors Guide: Leadership

In this 8-page downloadable excerpt from the Executive Directors Guide: The Guide to Successful Nonprofit Management, you will learn about the critical leadership issues for executive…

The Guide to Millennial Giving

This 35-page handbook provides an introduction to attracting millennial donors and supporters for your nonprofit. There are over 75 million millennials, and they are becoming a dominant force…

Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically

In this 1-hour online course, you will learn the meaning of strategic thinking and how it can improve your organization’s effectiveness. Your capacity to think strategically will be…

Impact Grant Program

This curriculum contains key resources and reference materials to help you learn more about the Impact Grant program.

Messaging What Matters: Making Meaning to Make a Difference

In this 1-hour recorded presentation, you will gain tools for brand-level and program-level message development to guide your communications efforts, from the highest-level vision statement…

4 Reasons Nonprofits Should Use Google Analytics

This 6 minute video is designed for marketing-focused professionals seeking to learn more about Google Analytics.

Psychosocial Support

This 4-minute video introduces the concept of Psychosocial Support and gives an overview of the core principles for intervention where an individual is struggling to recover from the impact…

Moving Hearts and Minds – The Power of Storytelling within Nonprofits

This 45 minute recorded webinar is designed for any nonprofit professional responsible for communicating the importance of their organization's mission.


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